11 Dec 2018

Montreal Writes, a local literary journal, has published a selection of my photographs. You can see the collection here

9 Dec 2018

Montreal writer Toula Drimonis posted about my book on Instagram. It was beyond thrilling. I don't know her personally, but she's got a fierce byline. Full text: 

"I picked up my latest read at the @salonlivremtl because I had heard good buzz about it and was not d...

14 Nov 2018

This was in the Globe and Mail today. Not accessible if you don't have a paid account - I subscribed just to see this lol. It's part of a longer review of six books. 

Like Djavadi’s novel, Leila Marshy’s The Philistine (Linda Leith, 330 pages, $19.95) also explores gay...

13 Nov 2018

This review is from The Miramichi Reader, a great site that is quickly growing to be a player on the Canadian literary scene. 

Montrealer Leila Marshy is of Palestinian-Newfoundland heritage and The Philistine (2018, Linda Leith Publishing) is her first novel. The Phili...

5 Sep 2018

This story was recently published in the final edition of Danforth Review. Helmed by Michael Bryson for the past 20 years or so, it was a source of really great short fiction and interviews, including five of mine. It's a special relationship when someone likes your st...

12 Jun 2018

This review by Piali Roy is from the June issue of Quill & Quire.

Set in the late 1980s around the time of the first Palestinian Intifada, Leila Marshy’s debut novel is a coming-of-age story about Nadia, a naive Montrealer who cannot decide whether she is Palestinian or...

9 Apr 2018

I wrote a guest blog post for Gail Anderson-Dargatz.

I was done with it. After over ten years of putting it to the side in favour of other more pressing things in my life, I was tired of my novel and embarrassed that I had even thought it was possible. Eventually, I mad...

24 Mar 2018

Montreal Review of Books, by Danielle Barkley

Early in Leila Marshy’s novel The Philistine, the protagonist, Nadia, abruptly declines to board a return flight from Egypt to Canada and arranges instead for an open-ended ticket allowing her to stay indefinitely. What look...

21 Mar 2018

Q&A with Linda Leith at Salon.

Linda Leith: You’ve been working in the literary milieu here in Montreal for many years. Tell me a bit about the work you’ve been doing.

Leila Marshy: I spent about ten years editing Rover arts, a “culture and conversation” magazine begun b...

4 Mar 2018

Ottawa Review of Books, by Ian Thomas Shaw

Leila Marshy's The Philistine is a rich portrayal of two young women's passionate love affair in one of the world's greatest cities. Set in Cairo in the late eighties, it is the story of Nadia, a Canadian with a Palestinian fat...

18 Nov 2017

I wrote a novel and said novel is being published. It will be out in the Spring 2018. This is an event in my life that is so massive, so huge, that the less said the better. I have no words. 

24 Feb 2017

I was interviewed by Gideon Strauss of Convivium.ca for this article found here.

“Something [Outremont borough counselor] Mindy Pollak’s mother said has become our motto: ‘We might have lost the referendum, but we have gained a community.’ This community is an overlap p...

6 Feb 2017

We are, as the Chinese proverb warns, living in interesting times. The recent election in the US seems to have bequeathed a worldwide license to be racist, intolerant, mean-spirited and stupid. The recent massacre in a Quebec City mosque and even the swastikas on Outre...

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