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Baraka Books, 2025

March 2025!

CF224-MyThieveryOfThePeople-Ebook copy.jpg

"This collection is exhilarating.

Marshy uses her distinctive style and wild strength to draw the reader at high speed from geopolitical reality to psychological peril, through the inner lives of refugees, queers in love and grief, wives, workers, and so many others fighting their way out from under.” 

–– Elise Moser, Because I Have Loved and Hidden It

From the highways of Cairo to the outports of Newfoundland, the soul-crushing cubicles of city work and the birds and bees of the Quebec countryside, these brilliant short stories lay bare the workings of power and the small acts of both courage and compromise by which those on the margins defy them. 


Beautifully cohesive across the stunning depth and range of setting and subject, there is nothing predictable about My Thievery of the People.

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