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MOT/TOWN is a series of portraits of Montréal authors shot in their homes and neighbourhoods as they read from their work. Begun in 2013 by myself and Elise Moser. The complete list can be found on YouTube, Vimeo and on Rover. It includes:


A series of poetic short films. 

Some of them are made with found home movie footage from the 1960s.

These films and more can also be found here.

As campaign manager for the Project Montréal team in Outremont during the municipal elections of 2013, I made two videos to help promote the candidates and their issues.


The first video is of the entire team and can be found here

The second video, on the right, is of Mindy Pollak, the first Hasidic woman to ever be elected to public office.



Along with editing and writing, I shot a number of videos for Rover. They include: 

The Quebec Writers Federation asked me in 2012 to film their Gala and edit a series of short clips of each winner. A compilation clip is on the right. The individual clips profile the following authors:

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